Our Projects

Current Projects

  • Clinic and medical services. Save the marginalized has constructed a clinic called Napol in Kamuli to offer services in the community.
  • We currently offer outpatient services, minor surgery, family planning services, dental services. Psychosocial support. Delivery services, Laboratory services
  • Orphan Sponsorship program and children
  • Save the marginalized is supporting fort nine orphans and twenty three are HIV positive, STM offer education to them through the support of well wishers. With this project we are have no permanent source of income and we request  members to spare same time and drop in any support ,let it be coin, cloth, food, or psychosocial support.

Upcoming Projects

  • New projects, especially those looking for funding
  • STM is working on equipping the clinic with advanced machines and beds
  • We need a clinic ambulance to transport people with emergency
  • Development plan, such as new branch or other related stuff

Previous Projects

Water Project
Save the marginalized has clean water to the community of kabuki through constructing bare holes, drilling of shallow wall as well as training the community through using clean water
Hand Wash project
STM Uganda has organized different training in schools to train on hands washing. Having realized the cause of school drop is as result of increased water born diseases in schools. We organized after toilet use of hand wash which reduced the spread of dysentery among the children by 74%
Result of these Projects
– Children development
– Save the marginalized develop a child development centre to contribute to the brain growth of children in kabukye village
– Capacity building of PWDS
– STM introduced a project for PWDS the advocate for their rights and reduce stigma among in the community. It employed a holistic approach in all community activates.
– School fees project
– STM Uganda has offered education to marginalized children in Uganda, we have offered lunch to school going children.
– STM Uganda has empowered the youth through the use of condoms and accesses the reproductive health services.

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